Nola’s Recommended Tools

  1. off brand plan b + a bunch of condoms

    1. the IUD is better in the long term, but this strat is cheap and effective, and you can keep it around ready to deploy whenever.

  2. dollar tree sunglasses

    1. I also want to try this strategy with greeting cards

  3. box cutters as pocket knives

  4. schedule-send emails

    1. someone asked for a reminder? Want to follow up with someone but only have so much admin time? Want to make sure someone gets an email at a specific time? Just schedule it

  5. compression socks

    1. if you are on your feet all day long compression socks go a long way towards making your feet feel better by the end of the day. I wear mine to work since I spend most of my day walking and standing, but they make sense at things like conventions as well.

  6. fun stickers in bulk

    1. get all nervous about using cool stickers because what if you find a better place to stick it? If you buy a hundred stickers in a big pack, this fear is abated because you will always have another sticker. “sticker books” with lots of small stickers are nice for decorating things like planners and lists, big “skateboard stickers” are great for everything else: laptops, water bottles, whatever.

    2. You should decorate everything you own that you have to look at everyday.